Vertical gastric sleeve is a procedure that is created by surgically stapling and removing 70% to 80% of the stomach.  The surgical stapleing is done by a double sewing techinque that helps to prevent leaks.   The sleeve is a thin portion that is left that the food is digested in.  The food passes through the digestive system as normal and is absorbed into the body as it normally has before surgery.   The sleeve prevents a large amount of food to be eaten because the stomach is now smaller.  Also the portion that creates the hormone GHRELIN  (hunger hormone)  that causes hunger is removed.  This hormone is reduced within a few weeks after surgery.  Gastiric sleeve is refered to as the metabolic surgery.  Recent studies in the advance field of weight loss surgeries dramatically influence weight loss of patients and balances ou the metabolism of patients.   Insulin and blood sugar levels are greatly improved.  It is not completely clear how the surgery regulates the insulin, blood sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, lipids and even sleep apnea is resolved in many cases, but, many times these lifethreatening disorders are cured.

Recovery time is usually very quick and most patients can get back to daily routine within a week.   Most surgical patients loose 65% of their weight within a year.  This proceedure is also less invasive than gastric bypass.    Sleeves are best for people with 30 BMI to 45 BMI.  Surgery time is usually only about 45 minutes to perform.  Patients with the sleeve experience great weight loss and improvement in their over all health and life.  Most weight loss outcomes are comparable to gastric bypass procedure without as many side effects as gastric bypass.

Why Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association?

Weight Loss surgery can be very expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance or the patient has to wait a long period to qualify for surgery.   The average weight loss surgery can average ($18,000 – $30,000), but in Mexico, weight loss surgery can be done as low as $4500.  Top trained and certified surgeons perform weight loss surgeries with permission.   Prices are all inclusive:   two-day hospital stay, x rays, lab work, EKG, surgery, anesthesia, medication, leak test, one day top rated hotel stay and ground transportation to and from San Diego airport is included.   Your safety is assured with friendly English speaking staff.

We do surgery at a certified bariatric hospital and you will have hotel accommodations in a top rated hotel.   The hospital is only a few minutes from the border and San Diego airport.   We provide safe friendly ground transportation to and from the hospital.   The staff at the hospital is friendly and knowledgeable.  Our patient advocate is available 24 hrs a day to answer questions.   We strive to provide the best hospital experience at a very reasonable price.   You will love your experience with us.    Everything is arranged and done for you, the only thing you need to do is to arrange your flight to the San Diego airport.  A real piece of mind and assurance that you will be taken care of from start to finish.

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