Our Experienced Bariatric Team

The bariatric surgeons and staff at Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association Upper East Side have extensive experience and advanced clinical training in weight loss surgical procedures including, adjustable gastric banding/LAP-BAND, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, duodenal switch/SIPS, and gastric sleeve. Complex bariatric surgery revisions are also performed through the Manhattan Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgery Program.

Compassionate, Professional Care Team

Our professional and ancillary staff understand the unique needs and challenges experienced by bariatric surgery patients and their families. We know that many of our patients have spent years struggling with their obesity, and the difficulties that can come along with accessing appropriate, timely medical support.

We are committed to delivering exceptional, comprehensive and progressive obesity treatment that includes non-invasive bariatric surgery, pre-operative education, exercise and fitness programs, management of co-existing conditions, and a long-term follow-up program to promote the best possible outcomes for each of our patients.

World-Class Bariatric Surgeons

Our experienced, highly-skilled bariatric surgeons will ensure you receive the finest medical care and support available throughout your surgical weight loss journey in an environment that is dignified, respectful, and specifically tailored to the unique needs of bariatric surgery patients.
Our team of world-renowned bariatric surgery experts is led by Dr. Mitchell S. Roslin, Director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital Center, NY, and Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association is a strong advocate for patients who travels extensively to research, lecture and demonstrate surgical techniques.

Each year, Dr. Roslin performs approximately 400 complex bariatric surgeries and surgical revisions in both New York City and Westchester.

Specialized Anesthesia Services & Clinical Specialists

Our hospital’s medical staff includes world-renowned clinical specialists from a variety of disciplines including cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology and obstetrics who are available to provide our bariatric surgery patients with additional preoperative and postoperative support and care.

Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association also has an outstanding anesthesia department that is well-equipped to handle the morbidly obese patient. Every bariatric surgery performed at the Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association the specialized services of a board-certified anesthesiologist who has completed additional training in the care of bariatric patients.

To learn more about our exceptional team of bariatric surgeons, and support staff here at Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association, call us at 1-888-949-9344 to book your spot in one of our complimentary bariatric surgery seminars.

Begin your weight-loss journey by by attending one of our free informational seminars or for more information, give us a call at 1-888-949-9344

Why Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association?

Weight Loss surgery can be very expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance or the patient has to wait a long period to qualify for surgery.   The average weight loss surgery can average ($18,000 – $30,000), but in Mexico, weight loss surgery can be done as low as $4500.  Top trained and certified surgeons perform weight loss surgeries with permission.   Prices are all inclusive:   two-day hospital stay, x rays, lab work, EKG, surgery, anesthesia, medication, leak test, one day top rated hotel stay and ground transportation to and from San Diego airport is included.   Your safety is assured with friendly English speaking staff.

We do surgery at a certified bariatric hospital and you will have hotel accommodations in a top rated hotel.   The hospital is only a few minutes from the border and San Diego airport.   We provide safe friendly ground transportation to and from the hospital.   The staff at the hospital is friendly and knowledgeable.  Our patient advocate is available 24 hrs a day to answer questions.   We strive to provide the best hospital experience at a very reasonable price.   You will love your experience with us.    Everything is arranged and done for you, the only thing you need to do is to arrange your flight to the San Diego airport.  A real piece of mind and assurance that you will be taken care of from start to finish.

Take action today and contact us.  We can arrange surgery quickly for you.   Change your life for the good!